Governor Snyder says report on Detroit's finances is coming in 'next couple of weeks'

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder spoke to the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce Monday regarding Detroit's finances.

He said a Financial Review Team report examining the finances of the City of Detroit could be given to him "in the next couple of weeks." 

This is significant because that team's deadline is this weekend and the team can ask for more time. 

The Governor repeated what he has said before, "This is a really serious topic... Detroit needs to be a great city."

Talking with reporters after the luncheon, the Governor says he does not want to "rush" the review team. But,  once he gets the report, he will be a "quick study" and respond.

Governor Snyder also said the proposed lease of Belle Isle that was turned down by the Detroit City Council is not available for 2013 but could come back in 2014. 

The Governor did not directly tie the lease on Belle Isle on a possible state takeover of the city.  He clarified that the lease is dead for this year because it is too late.

The Governor said Belle Isle "would have been a really nice place this summer" and he stressed he put millions of dollars in the state budget to improve and run Belle Isle. 

The plan was for the City of Detroit to lease it to the state for 30 years with 10 year options to end the lease.  The state would have also required a Michigan State Park Permit for cars.

The Financial Advisory Board held a meeting this afternoon at 2:00 pm to review Detroit finances.

Three members of this board are on the Financial Review Team but they are on separate boards. The FAB is working with Mayor Dave Bing and The City Council on current financial moves.

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