Hey, you can't dump those tires there! Ronnie Dahl confronts illegal dumping in Detroit head on

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A dangerous building used to sit on the lot in the 13000 block of Dexter Avenue. 

City contractors recently tore down the building, but crews left the tires that were on the lot behind and neighbors are concerned.

"Mountain of tires here, someone can set them on fire," said Rochelle Bowers.

Neighbors say others continue to illegally dump tires at the site. 

While working on the story, 7 Action News reporter Ronnie Dahl and her crew spotted two guys in a small moving truck dumping more tires. 

She confronted them. The driver told her his boss told them to dump them at the site and they had permission, but they didn't.

The worker picked up a few of the tires and left. 

7 Action News has turned over information to the city of Detroit for a possible citation.

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