Homeowner kills intruder during invasion on Detroit's west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Police say a husband and wife woke up to see two men breaking in their bedroom window.  The husband then grabbed a gun and shot one of the invaders in the head.

That invader died. The second invader returned fire and shot at the homeowner's son. He then jumped through a picture window and out the front of the home in a desperate attempt to get away.

This all unfolded on Barbara Street on Detroit's west side. That's near Schoolcraft and Outer Drive.

Police started searching areas where they thought he might have ran and found a trail of blood leading to a home.  They confronted the people inside and found a man with cuts on his hands.  Police say that man later confessed he was the invader who jumped out a window an hour earlier.

A stray bullet from the homeowner's gun hit his wife in the arm during the exchange of fire.  She was taken to the hospital in temporary serious condition.

Police say the homeowner will be questioned and the investigation turned over the the prosecutor's office.  It is unlikely he will face charges because he shot the invader while trying to protect his home.

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