Homeowner shoots and kills two suspected home invaders on Detroit's west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Police tell 7 Action News a homeowner has shot and killed two suspected home invaders who were reportedly attempting to rob him.

Police are on the scene located on Dexter on Detroit’s west side.

The man who lives in the home, came running out of the house and flagged down EMS. He told EMS workers that he needed help saying "I shot 2 guys trying to break into my home."

The homeowner was taken to the police station for questioning. His neighbors say he is a hard working man, works for the city and did the right thing.

When neighbors saw the scene, they came out with a lot to say.

Neighbors say they watch out for one another on the street. Before this incident, neighbors saw suspicious activity on Friday at the home and called the homeowner. He then interrupted a burglary. His television was broken when burglars dropped it.

Police responded, but no one was caught.

Neighbors suspect someone came back to finish off the job.

An investigation is under way.

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