Two children among injured in Detroit house explosion, illegal gas hook up may be to blame

(WXYZ) - Two children and one adult are in stable condition after a house explosion in Detroit Thursday night.

Detroit Police and fire crews responded to the scene on the 1900 block of Fairport.

At least four people were transported to a local hospital including a 2-year-old boy and an 18-month-old little girl.  At the time, they were listed in stable condition.

Their mother was treated for anxiety and has since been released.

The small children are being kept in intensive care at Detroit Receiving Hospital for the treatment of their burns.

Authorities believe the explosion was due to an illegal gas hookup. Investigators may be looking into felony charges of utility theft.

Neighbors say the home has been vacant for some time and the family just moved in. They believe the family was squatting in the home.

The home has been completely leveled. The damage extends to neighboring homes where debris broke through thick basement windows and charred shingles on roofs.

According to investigators, the last people to live in the house moved out in mid February.

Since that time, there had been a series of break-ins.

Late Friday afternoon, a family spokesperson told 7 Action News the family had not been squatting.

According to the spokesperson, the family had been evicted.

The owner of the Fairport property is currently not in town but the property manager allegedly told the family they could occupy the home to combat the break-ins.

It is still not clear who the gas was hooked up illegally but investigators say it was to warm up the house.
7 Action News has heard from the property manager for comment but arson investigators are looking into the claim.

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