Hundreds of pages of revealing testimony released from the Tamara Greene civil lawsuit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Hundreds of pages of revealing testimony was released from the Tamara Greene civil lawsuit, including foul exchanges between the lawyers and everything Kwame Kilpatrick said and refused to say.

Kwame Kilpatrick said under oath he was in a "cheating spirit," when he had sex with Cheryl Robinson Wood, who was then the federal monitor over the Detroit Police Department. 

He also said he lied about his sexual relationship with his Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty, to "Protect my wife, and my children and myself from embarrassment."  That lie came during the original whistle-blower lawsuit, but came up during the civil lawsuit filed by the children of dancer Tamara Greene in federal court.

Now that the suit has been thrown out, hundreds of pages of testimony have been released.

As for the rumored party at the Manoogian Mansion where Greene allegedly danced and was reportedly assaulted by Kilpatrick's wife Carlita, Kilpatrick said "The purported rumor you keep alive is as ridiculous now as it was then." Kilpatrick said he first heard the rumor at barber shops.

In the pages released, the lawyers argued with great anger, they asked Kilpatrick about the investigation into the drive-by shooting of Tamara Greene and whether the city obstructed the investigation.

They talked about meetings between Kwame Kilpatrick and then Attorney General Mike Cox who, after investigating the rumored party, called it an urban legend.

Kilpatrick was asked if he threatened Cox about revealing the AG's extramarital affairs. Kilpatrick says he never threatened Cox about anything.

Even though the lawsuit was dismissed in November, lawyer Norman Yatooma, who represents the children of Tamara Greene, is appealing.

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