Illegally dumped debris catches fire, firefighter injured

(WXYZ) - A Detroit firefighter is hurt on the job, battling flames tearing through a pile of illegally dumped debris.

For years, owners of the State Metal Company on South Campbell Avenue have had to deal with the illegal dumping going on behind their business.  Despite numerous complaints, the problem doesn't go away.

But, the illegal dumping turned dangerous Tuesday night when the debris pile went up in flames. Detroit firefighters sprayed water on the mountain of trash.  The contents made it a stubborn fire to put out and firefighters had to return to the scene Wednesday to address hot spots.

Detroit fire Sgt. Dennis Dooley was on duty Tuesday night, helping battle the blaze when he injured his shoulder.  He is expected to be OK; but he got hurt because other people are too irresponsible to dispose of their trash the right way. 

The Detroit Fire Department's arson squad is investigating. 

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