Investigators question Bob Bashara's children about their mother's murder

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Investigators are speaking closely to Bob Bashara's children as they look into the murder of their mother, Jane.

Sources tell 7 Action News charges against Bob could be brought within a couple months, but for now only handyman Joe Gentz is charged with her murder. The Wayne County Prosecutor's office says the investigation is on-going.

In an interview with 7 Action News, Bashara's attorney, David Greim, disregarded any possible charges. "I don't place much stock in that because we've had rumor after rumor after rumor and probably 90% of them have not been factual."

Greim said his client's children have been interviewed multiple times by law enforcement officers. He said Bashara's daughter Jessica had been interviewed four times, and just last week investigators flew to Iowa to speak to his son Robert.

Greim claims the investigators unfairly tried to convince the children of their father's involvement, but he went on to say Jessica stood by her father.

"She said,  ‘I came away very mad at my father if any of the allegations about other women are true, but I also came away feeling just as strongly as I always have that my father had nothing to do with my mother's death,'" says Greim.

Jane Bashara was found murdered in her SUV on Detroit's east side on January 25.

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