Investigators trying to determine what caused a Detroit fire that killed two people

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Two people are dead after a late night fire destroyed a home in Detroit.

Names have not been released, but at this point arson is not being ruled out. However, that's usually the case when someone dies in a fire.

Another theory that investigators are pursuing is that the fire began because of an illegal electrical hookup.

"I know for a fact they didn't have power," says neighbor Tyron Hemphill.

Hemphill says he knew the two people who lived in the home well. He describes them as good people.

"I've never heard one bad thing about these people," he says.

There doesn't appear to be much damage to the front of the house, but the back tells a different story.

There was an extension cord connected to the electrical meter. That's where most of the damage is concentrated. It's the same side of the house closest to Jo Shier's home. The heat from the fire melted her siding.

"We heard a boom. We were watching the ball game... I could see the glow. We called 911," Shier says.

Neighbors say the woman who lived here had difficulty moving around and would have had a hard time getting out. They also say there may have been propane tanks inside. That may have been what Shier heard as the fire burned.

"I think with the second boom the flames started coming through the roof," she says.

It's too soon to say how the fire started, but what's left of the home will be a constant reminder of two lives taken too soon.

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