Janitors rally after union says 13 were fired at Penobscot Building

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Janitors protested outside the Penobscot Building in downtown Detroit after union members say 13 long-time janitors at the landmark building were suddenly fired.

"I was hurt, I couldn't believe it," says Keith Wiley, who worked at the building for 19 years as a janitor before losing his job.

"I'm putting applications in, and resumes," says Wiley. "Something will happen for me though."

SEIU Local 1 organized the protest today. They say the new owners of the building, Canada-based Triple Properties, called the janitors one night and told them to not come to work the following day.

"I think they have very little regard for the people in the city of Detroit," said Erica Kimble, vice president of the union.

Triple Properties declined to comment.

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