Judge denies Bobby Ferguson motion to be released from prison on bond

(WXYZ) - A federal judge wasted little time in responding to Bobby Ferguson's request to be let out of prison, but the city contractor won't like her decision. 

Judge Nancy Edmunds Thursday ruled that Ferguson, Kwame Kilpatrick's longtime friend, must stay behind bars while he awaits his sentence on a slew of criminal convictions.  Ferguson had asked the court to let him out so he can hire a new lawyer and prepare for his upcoming bid-rigging trial, slated to begin in just a few weeks.

Last month a jury found Ferguson and his friend, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, guilty of racketeering, extortion, and other crimes.

Judge Edmunds said Ferguson poses a flight risk, despite the fact that his friends and family put up five homes as collateral.  She said she was troubled by his criminal history, and the recent revelation that Ferguson obtained a fake driver's license in 1999.

Despite several requests to be released, Judge Edmunds refuses to free Kilpatrick and Ferguson.  They are facing years in federal prison.  So far, no sentencing date has been set.

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