Judge denies Kilpatrick request to be released, orders former Detroit mayor be kept behind bars

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will remain behind bars while awaiting sentencing, according to a new ruling by US District Court Judge Nancy Edmunds.

The seven page order denying Kilpatrick's release, Edmunds writes that the only new argument presented in his request to be let out of the Milan Detention Center is that his mother is willing to put up her house as collateral "in an attempt to bolster" his argument.

Edmunds did not address Kilpatrick's other argument that he has been denied proper medical care for a knee injury

The judge also writes that the court does not favor using "real property as collateral for bond in criminal cases." She goes on to write that it is the practice and rule of the court only to accept cash, money order or cashier's check made out to the clerk or credit cards for bond payments.

Edmunds sided with the government, writing that in the March 11 detention hearing that Kilpatrick has repeatedly lied and mislead the court about his assets and ignored the direction of his probation and parole officers to report income and gifts.

She also writes that Kilpatrick has not demonstrated by "clear and convincing evidence" that he is not a flight risk and that Kilpatrick "has a history of lying to or misleading courts, as well as his probation and parole officers, including lying about his assets."

Kilpatrick and his friend Bobby Ferguson were convicted of racketeering and other federal corruption charges earlier this month. Ferguson now has until April 4 to respond to the government's request to keep him locked up until sentencing.

A sentencing date for both Kilpatrick and Ferguson has not yet been set.

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