Judge to decide on Michigan Attorney General's suit to unseat most of DPS Board of Education

Two sides face off in Wayne Circuit Court

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is suing to remove 7 DPS Board members from office arguing the district was not abiding by state election laws. But the board members' attorney claims the AG's move is a massive overreach.

The Michigan AG's office filed the lawsuit last August on the same day Governor Rick Snyder's Emergency Manager law was suspended.

In Wayne County Circuit Court Thursday morning, both sides stated their case before Judge John Gillis, Jr. 

At times, the arguments became heated.

Michael Murphy from the AG's office claimed Michigan law requires school districts with less than 100-thousand students enrolled to elect school board members in city-wide elections.

Only four DPS board members were elected that way. The other seven were elected by their voting districts. 

The AG is also asking for a preliminary injunction against the other four members citing that they need a quorum of six to operate legally.

The Judge will rule on this suit at a later date.

Currently, Roy Rogers is the Emergency Financial Manager who the Governor appointed to oversee the DPS budget.

The governor has since signed a new Emergency Manager law that will go into effect in March.




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