Jurors speak out following verdict in Kilpatrick corruption trial

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "Sitting on this trial, I saw a lot that turned my stomach--I couldn't believe this was going on," said one of the jurors as they addressed the media after the verdict in the Kilpatrick corruption trial was read in court.

The juror admitted she voted for the former mayor twice and described her disappointment on what came out in the trial. 

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Bobby Ferguson were found guilty on numerous counts, while Kwame's father Bernard Kilpatrick was only convicted on one count.

"We took each and every charge very seriously. We tried to evaluate every charge based on the evidence. Some were easier than others based on the evidence," said Juror 6. 

Another juror described the importance of the text messages that were presented in the trial and how it impacted their decision making.

When one juror was asked how tempting it was to glance at a headline, Juror 1 responded: " For me personally, it wasn't a big temptation. We had been in this room for a very long time. Everyone here has sacrificed...nobody was going to risk all that we've done."

Juror 7 said it was a little more difficult for her not to pay attention to news headlines saying she is a "social media geek" and it was hard for her to give that up.

Juror 12 admitted that the group did have some heated arguments, but said they all worked together.

"We are a nice group of people, we respect each other," she said.



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