Bianca Jones' dad appears in court, disturbing testimony heard from 8-year-old daughter

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The father of Bianca Jones is in court for a preliminary hearing as he faces charges that he murdered the missing two-year-old girl.

When the hearing began Tuesday afternoon, the first person on the stand was Lane's 8-year-old daughter.

The little girl testified about a time she wet the bed, saying her father was so upset that he shoved her wet underwear into her mouth, causing a cut.

She also said that she did not see Bianca awake on the morning of December 2, the day of her reported kidnapping.

The girl told the court that Bianca had a blanket over her face when they left for school that day, and that Bianca didn't say a word or move when her father put her into the car.

Investigators believe Bianca was already dead when Lane left the house that day. Sources have told Action News that they believe Lane became upset the night before Bianca disappeared because she wet the bed. Police contend he beat the little girl and that eventually led to her death.

However, Lane has insisted all along that Bianca was kidnapped during a carjacking. While the car was eventually found, there has been no sign of the little girl.

Throughout the case Lane has denied any wrongdoing, even though police sources say he failed a polygraph test.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has also said that Lane's story does not match the facts of the case.

However, Lane's attorney says his client had no role in Bianca's death and that he will fight the murder charge.

Investigators have said they expect the preliminary hearing will last about three days. The preliminary examination resumes April 27.

Bianca's mother and Lane's teenage nephew are also expected to be called to the stand by prosecutors.

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