Kilpatrick's ex-bodyguards sue city, want depositions unsealed

DETROIT (WXYZ) - They were once part of Kwame Kilpatrick's inner circle – holding prime positions on the former mayor's infamous Executive Protection Unit.

Now Detroit Police Officers Michael Martin and Lorenzo Jones are suing the City of Detroit and DPD Sergeant Marian Stevenson as part of a whistleblower lawsuit, and they're asking the federal judge in the Tamara Greene case to unseal their depositions.

 According to court records, Sgt. Stevenson said under oath that she viewed a videotape that showed Martin and Jones attended the slain stripper's funeral.

Greene's family had sued the city and Kilpatrick, alleging they obstructed the investigation into Greene's murder because of rumors that Greene had danced at a never-proven Manoogian Mansion party.

The Greene case was dismissed, but is being appealed.

In the meantime, Martin and Jones are asking the judge to unseal their depositions so they can be used in their civil lawsuit against the city.

Martin and Jones say they filed a complaint with the Detroit Police Department's Internal Affairs "alleging perjury in the testimony of Sgt. Stevenson's sworn testimony."

According to court records, ever since alerting Internal Affairs, Martin was "assigned to precinct #9 and then out to different precincts three times in less than a year to finally being assigned to Community Services after over twenty years of service."

Jones also alleges his career has nose-dived since Kilpatrick left office.  Their attorney says "Jones has been assigned to records and statistics for approximately six months, then the reserved section for less than a year, then to the precinct #12 for three years, finally landing in traffic enforcement, after over twenty years of service."

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