City attorney disagrees with the judge's opinion after he throws out her challenge

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit's Corporation Council, Krystal Crittendon, says while she disagrees with the ruling that threw out her challenge to the consent agreement, she respects the rule of the law.  That ruling means the city can move forward now with the consent agreement.

The mayor called the whole thing a "distraction" that he was less than happy about, but says it was never personal about Krystal. "She did what she thought was right," said Bing who's also glad this is behind them.

City Council President Charles Pugh says he supported Crittendon, but is also glad to be moving forward with the agreement that was no easy task to reach.

Council will be likely now approve the mayor and governor's appointee to the Financial Advisory Board which will oversee and approve any action under the consent agreement. That appointee is former State Treasurer Robert Bowman. Council will also need to vote now on its picks for the board.

That advisory board will have its first meeting on Friday at Wayne State University.

Meanwhile, Crittendon says she hopes once the consent agreement starts to result in major changes in the city, someone doesn't challenge it again and realize what she believes it true, that it should not be enforced as long as the state owes the city any money.

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