Kwame Kilpatrick trial change of venue hearing today

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Today a judge will decide if there should be a change of venue in the Kwame Kilpatrick corruption trial.

But most legal experts agree the move is highly unlikely.

7 Action News spoke to our legal analyst Tom Cranmer who said moving the trial would me the process would essentially have to start over.

Attorneys for both sides would need to select new jurors and during the trial witnesses would need to be transported to the new location.

The defense will argue that despite the hassle, a change of venue is necessary. They plan to argue that the media coverage in the Detroit area makes it impossible for jurors to remain unbiased.

Cranmer says there is no argument for the defense in regard to race of the jury. The diverse jury consists of six minorities; five African Americans and one Hispanic juror.

Cranmer also says it's likely that arguing for a change of venue is simply a legal tactic. If the lawyers want this on the record in the event that they lose, they can appeal on the grounds that they didn't get a fair trail because of the location.

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