Large crowd protests Israeli action in Gaza outside Max M. Fisher Music Center in Detroit

DETROIT (WXY) - A large crowd has gathered outside the Max M. Fisher Music Center in Detroit to protest the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Organizers say they are demonstrating "as a symbol of joint struggle against displacement, denial of human rights, collective punishment, and surveillance."

The protest comes are Israel briefly deployed troops inside the Gaza Strip for the first time and thousands of people are fleeing southward to escape the Israeli attacks.

Israel and Palestinian militants have been locked in a conflict for the past week. The Palestinians and Israeli's have been launching rockets into each other's territory. Israel has launched more than 1,300 air strikes and the Palestinians have launched more than 800 rockets, 130 of which were fired in just the last 24 hours.

The outbreak of violence following the kidnapping and killings of three Israeli teenagers in the West bank and the kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian teenager in an apparent revenge attack.

Both sides have ignored calls from the international community to end the violence.

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