Police cracking down on violators on Belle Isle

(WXYZ) - Michigan Department of Natural Resources officers and Michigan State Police troopers are now patrolling Belle Isle 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As the weather gets warmer, the officers are getting busier. 

Belle Isle recently became Michigan's 102nd state park and already visitors are noticing a change.

"It's really clean out here, I don't see a lot of debris," said Debbie Jackson.

It's not just the park's appearance that is changing, so are law enforcement patrols.  According to a report from the DNR, in a two week period of time, more than 30 incidents were investigated by officers. 

Infractions included everything from traffic violations to people being busted for having drugs and alcohol in their vehicles.

We're told one of the biggest issues officers are dealing with involve speeding drivers. 

Speed limit on the island is 25 mph.

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