Lions fans welcome football back with win over Browns

DETROIT - When fans flood downtown Detroit in their best Honolulu blue in the August heat, you know football is back.

All around Ford Field Saturday, Lions loyals young and old were seen getting in game day mode - tents pitched, lawn chairs out and brats on the grill - for the preseason opener against the Cleveland Browns.

Best friends, 8-year-old Merrick Butkovich and Carson Woodall of Windsor, were tossing around a football. Merrick sported a Lions jersey while Carson teased the Browns would win.

While much of the hype and buildup surrounded the big debut of Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, there was optimism from the Lions camp. The night was made all the sweeter with a 13-12 win.

Fans say they're excited for the regular season under new head coach Jim Caldwell.

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