Local choir shines in Chrysler ad featuring the city of Detroit and Eminem

(WXYZ) - You saw the commercial, you heard the choir.

Now, meet six of the 24 members of  the ‘Selected of God’ choir. You’ll hear why their audition blew the competition away and why they were chosen to sing in the Chrysler commercial that featured the city of Detroit and rap superstar Eminem.

Like millions of Super Bowl fans they saw the commercial for the first time on Super Bowl Sunday.

“We started screaming. Some of us had tears in our eyes and it was just overwhelming just to see us on a national platform… worldwide,” choir member Larry Callahan said.

As for Eminem himself, they spent five hours in his company and say he was very involved in all of the shots.
Members of the choir say he was good to work with and made them feel comfortable.


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