Local Jesuit priests react to the new pope and say he will face challenges

DETROIT, Mich (wxyz) - Father John Staudenmaier, a Jesuit priest from the University of Detroit Mercy says Pope Francis will face a new way of life, and also many challenges because of many controversies the hover over the church.

They include, says Father Staudenmaier, the financial problems that plague the church and the sex abuse scandals. Even moving from a simple life in Argentina to Rome will be an adjustment, he says.

But the one time teacher and now administrator at U of D says he believes, because the new Pontiff was a Jesuit priest, he will look at and handle being the manager of the church and the world's Catholics in a very special way.

"He is passionate about poverty, " says Father Staudenmaier, who adds he expects the new pope to take action in that area and reach out to all people.

Other priests including one from Kenya and another from the Democratic Republic of the Congo say they are very excited and overjoyed that for the first time in well over one thousand years we have a pope who is not from Europe.

And children we talked to who attended a special prayer service at the Sacred Heart Seminary say they too are excited because this is the first time they are old enough to appreciate the process of selecting a new pope.

"I hope to become more involved in the church now because of my age, " said Johnathan Baur who is 16.

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