Jesse Jackson joins John Conyers, Marvin Winans & Police Chief Godbee to seek ban on assault rifles

DETROIT (WXYZ) - After the tragedy in Colorado and senseless murders all over the country, Reverend Jesse Jackson, the Rainbow Push Coalition, Congressman John Conyers, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, and others announced they want to see Congress and the President ban assault rifles.

They made the announcement at Perfecting Church on Detroit's east side Sunday afternoon.  The Church's Pastor, Marvin Winans was recently robbed at a local gas station in May.

Pastor Winans was pumping gas one afternoon at a Detroit Citgo station on the corner of Linwood and Davison when at least two men ambushed him.

In the wake what happened in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, the group came together to combat violence on the home front.

"This is domestic, homegrown terrorism," said Reverend Jackson.  "Whether it is in Seattle, Washington, or Aurora, Colorado, or Columbine, or whether it's in Tucson, Arizona."

"We're talking about weapons that are made for war," said Chief Godbee.  "An AK-47 is a Russian made weapon that is made for war.  An AR-15 which is an answer to the AK-47… these high capacity [guns]… you can shoot fifty to sixty rounds within a minute.  Within a minute you can literally shoot through brick, shoot through steel."

Organizers told 7 Action News they are planning a national march called the Crusade for America Parent and Youth March.  They want to create a movement.

Congressman Conyers plans to introduce legislation to ban assault rifles soon.   "What we are doing here today is more than a press conference," said Congressman Conyers.  "It's a new beginning."

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