Local photographer remembers Nelson Mandela

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Like so many around the world, Nelson Mandela's story captured the heart and imagination of a Detroit area photographer. Years later, she would capture some of Mandela's most magical milestones.

If you're looking for someone whose life and career revolved around Mandela, look no further than photographer Monica Morgan.

"When Nelson Mandela came to Detroit, I was selected to be in his motorcade." said Morgan, "I traveled and took pictures there. And I was there for his inauguration. And I was there the moment he raised his hand and went from prisoner to president."

Morgan's defining shot of Mandela came just five years ago, on July 18 2008. It was Mandela's 90th birthday.

"His wife actually took his arm because he needs help standing." said Morgan, "And he leaned over the cake just moments after giving a toast. So it was hard for me to lean down and get the image, but I knew that was a moment that I had to capture."

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