Manhole covers missing from Detroit neighborhood

(WXYZ) - For months, scrappers have been picking part the old Jones Elementary.  When everything of value was gone inside, neighbors say they turned their attention outside, to the manhole covers.

"These are for us, to keep us safe." said Delthine Hamiiton. "They are not for them to steal and make money."

One by one, the manhole covers started disappearing.  At the corner, behind the school and near the playground.  Residents say they've reported the missing manhole covers to the city, but they still haven't been replaced.  They are worried someone is going to get hurt.

Manhole covers are often made of cast iron and weigh more than 200 pounds. They are only worth about $20.00 at the scrap yard, but can cost around $500.00 to replace. 

We checked with a nearby scrap yard, but an employee tells Action News they refuse to purchase the manhole covers because it's illegal for them to buy.


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