Mayor Dave Bing says the city's top lawyer Crystal Crittendon could cripple Detroit

Mayor Dave Bing is again lashing out at the city's top lawyer who yesterday filed a motion that could put $28 million owed to the city in jeopardy.

"This lawsuit does not fix a street light, does not put buses in service, and does not put more police officers on the street," Bing said in a statement issued today.

Yesterday, Corporation Counsel Crystal Crittendon filed a last-minute appeal to an Ingham County judge, arguing that the city's consent agreement should be voided. Last month, the judge tossed Crittendon's initial lawsuit, saying she didn't have legal standing to file the lawsuit. 

The consent agreement, agreed to by the city in April, staves off an emergency manager but gives the state more control over the city's finances.  Crittendon argued it was void because the state still owed the city millions, and that the city's charter prohibits it from entering into deals with parties that owe Detroit money.

Bing said Crittendon's lawsuit has damaged the city's much-maligned credit rating, causing the city to pay higher interest rates on borrowed money.

"It is my hope the Court rules swiftly on the motion and that the Corporation Counsel abandons the lawsuit," Bing said.

"We need to put this behind us so we can move Detroit forward."

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