Mayor Mike Duggan says Detroit will attempt to create its own auto insurance company, 'D Insurance'

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroiters have long complained that auto insurance rates for the city's residents are incredibly high. During his first State of the City speech, Mayor Mike Duggan advanced the idea of creating the city's own auto insurance company.

Duggan said his administration would look into creating a new auto insurance firm named D Insurance. The new firm would provide more affordable insurance to the city's drivers.

"The Detroit City Charter provides that the city of Detroit can start its own insurance company," the mayor said Wednesday night.

As he announced the idea, Duggan said many of the city's drivers pay more each month for their auto insurance bills than they do for their car payments.

The mayor said his own car insurance bill went from $3,000 to $6,000 when he moved from the suburbs into the city.

Duggan said, "We're going to create our own insurance company that we call D Insurance." He said work would begin in the summer in coordination with City Council.


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