Melting snow and heavy rains cause flooding in Detroit neighborhood

DETROIT (WXYZ ) - The melting snow and heavy rains have created a mess for one Detroit neighborhood.

"Every heavy rain we get, we have a flood," said Natasha Greer, who lives in the 16-thousand block of Baylis. "It's unbearable at this point and time."

The warm weather and overnight rainfall had the street well-covered in water. Neighbors were forced to abandon their cars in nearby blocks and walk home.

"A lot of times cars will be parked out there, and the water will come into the car," said J Robinson, who has lived in the neighborhood since the late 1960's. She says the road wasn't a problem until the city re-paved the street, which she thinks caused the drainage issues.

Robinson says she's called the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department more than half a dozen times in the last year. She is frustrated by the lack of response.

"They say they will come out, but nevertheless they never come out. And so I guess eventually the water will recede and go down."

Tired of waiting for the water to recede, Robinson called 7 Action News for help. Our team called the water department, and within hours city workers were in the neighborhood. Workers took note of the drain and made markings where the repairs are needed.

"I'm so very grateful," said Robinson. She, and her neighbors, hope this will be the beginning of some much needed repairs.

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