Metro Detroit drivers shocked by racial slur on roadside sign referring to Trayvon Martin

DEARBORN (WXYZ) - A roadside construction sign spotted on the border of Detroit and Dearborn shocked metro Detroit drivers with a racial slur.

Someone changed the electronic sign to read "Trayvon..." followed by a racial slur.

Alicia Riley says "They have to have a very sick personality" about the hacker. Gerald Edwards agrees. He tells Action News "It is a shame, pitiful, very immature, whoever did it needs to grow up."

The sign was spotted Sunday night on westbound I-94 near Michigan Avenue.

Police were notified by drivers and the sign was quickly taken down. It was up for about an hour.

Rob Morosi, a spokesperson for MDOT says that the hacker physically broke into theĀ  portable sign and altered the message on a keyboard. The vandal also stole the keyboard.

The Michigan State Police are asking anyone with informationĀ  about the crime to contact them.

Trayvon Martin is the Florida teenager whose death sparked nationwide outrage when he was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

His shooter claims the shooting was in self defense.

Martin's death has prompted hundreds of rallies across the country, even some in metro Detroit.

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