Michigan Humane Society and Detroit Zoo weigh in on large cat roaming northeast Detroit streets

DETROIT (WXYZ) - 7 Action News continues on the trail of a big wild cat roaming a Northeast Detroit neighborhood. 

One lady who lives near the corner of Alcoy and Bringard shot cell phone video as she walked up close to the cat.

Linda Collins says she is concerned about the safety of kids in the neighborhood with a church and school nearby.  She shot the video so that people know the cat is real. 

She says it has been in her neighborhood for a month but their closest encounters were this weekend. They have not seen the cat since Friday evening and early Saturday morning. 

Collins says she called 911 who told her to call Detroit animal control. They told her they had no trucks to send out. 

The Michigan Humane Society tells 7 Action News they will set live traps to try to catch the cat. 

The breed of the cat is not known. It is possibly a Savannah - which is a mix of a house cat and an African serval cat.  

7 Action News spoke with the Detroit Zoo about the cat.

They say their Curator of Mammals agrees it could be a Savannah cat, because it has the markings of a serval cat.

However, the cat in the pictures does not have the distinctive head of a serval cat. The Zoo says this animal has the head of a domestic cat and the body of an African cat.

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