Michigan Parole Board approves release of Kwame Kilpatrick

(WXYZ) - The Michigan Parole Board has approved the release of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Two members of the three member parole board voted to release Kilpatrick. This made it unnecessary for a third member to vote in order to break a tie. Both members who voted listened to Kilpatrick's May 12th parole hearing.

It's not clear when he would be released, but officials say it would be no earlier than July 24. This is because the Michigan Department of Corrections has to complete its internal parole process. They also cannot release anyone until 28 days after the parole board has issued its decision.

This makes it likely that Kilpatrick will be released in the first week of August. He has requested to be allowed to return to Texas. If that is permitted, he will have to follow parole conditions in both states.

However, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy can still appeal the parole board's decision. In order to do so she must file an objection with the Third Circuit Court.

Her office says she has no comment on the decision to parole Kilpatrick.

Once Kilpatrick is released he must follow all of the standard condition of parole, including reporting to a parole officer. He also cannot change residence without prior approval and must report for drug and alcohol screening.

In Kilpatrick's case he must also pay restitution in monthly payments with the amounts set by his parole officer and obey all court orders.

Kilpatrick has been in prison since May 2010, serving up to 5 years for violating his probation in relation to his perjury case.

He was sentenced to between 18 months and 5 years after Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner ruled he had violated his probation by failing to pay his restitution.

Kilpatrick is currently awaiting trial on federal corruption charges.



Standard Parole Conditions

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