Mike Duggan re-lauches his campaign as write-in candidate

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Throughout Saturday, Mike Duggan and volunteers kicked off their voter education plan to show Detroiters how to write-in Duggan's name on the ballot in the mayoral primary.

"The problem is there are instructions on the ballot, so we have got to educate everybody before they go into the polls, so that's the challenge in this," said Duggan.

Those hoping to vote for Duggan have to take specific steps to do so.  They must write his name on the ballot and also fill in a circle next to where they have written his name.

Weeks ago, Duggan's name was taken off the ballot after the appeals court ruled he had turned in his petitions for mayor too soon because he had not lived in the city long enough.

 "I think all of us went through this down period of asking, 'What else?,'" said volunteer Rhoda Henderson. "Why?  Why can't we keep going?"

"The level of enthusiasm for this campaign is so much higher than it was three weeks ago," said Duggan. "I don't know if it is something about the underdog or what it is but people seem to appreciate the spirit of the write-in campaign."

Groups of volunteers and workers plan to go through neighborhoods over the next few weeks talking to voters and showing them how the write-in process works.

Many of them are optimistic.

"We weren't ready to give up the fight for Mike," said Henderson.  "I mean, it's important that we have a candidate with experience that can turn this city around.  He's not our hope, he is our reality."

"I think this is a pivotal moment," said volunteer Denise Gimpel.  "I think this is a moment where real change is possible.  I think Mike Duggan, in all honesty, is a scrapper and I see him as a person who will fight for this city."

Campaign workers say they have a 20 day plan to get voters excited about the election.  If Duggan gets enough votes he will appear on the November ballot.

The primary election will take place Tuesday August 6th.

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