Mike Duggan vs. Mike Dugeon in Detroit mayoral election write-in race

DETROIT (WXYZ) - There's a new candidate who has entered the race to be Detroit's next mayor as a write-in candidate. His name is Mike Dugeon. That's right, Mike Duggan will face Mike Dugeon.

Mike Dugeon has successfully signed the necessary paperwork to become a write-in candidate in the August 6 Primary Election according to Daniel Baxter of the Detroit Elections office.

"It's official,I'm running for mayor," wrote Michael Thadeus Dugeon on his Facebook page .

The city's election officials say they have no record of Dugeon ever voting in a previous election himself. He first registered as a voter on July 12, 2012.

Mike Dugeon's name is – of course – very similar to that of Mike Duggan who was forced off the primary's printed ballot after a lawsuit. Duggan is also a write-in candidate and has been running a campaign based around a message of how to write his name on the ballot.

A write-in challenger with a similar name could introduce certain confusion into the process of counting votes on election night.

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