In handwritten letter from prison Monica Conyers asks for change to her sentence

(WXYZ) - Former Detroit City Council President Monica Conyers writes a motion for reconsideration of her sentence to U.S. District Court Judge Avern Cohn from prison.

In March of 2010 Conyers was sentenced to 37 months in prison after accepting a plea deal in the City Hall Corruption case. Conyers is currently serving that sentence at FPC Alderson in Alderson, West Virginia, the facility also known as Camp Cupcake.

It is from Alderson that Conyers writes her motion for reconsideration of sentence to Judge Cohn that was filed on April 6th.

In her handwritten letter that can be read in its entirety here , Conyers opens by saying, "Under § 3582 Imposition of a sentence the district court failed to consider 28 USC 994, age, education, vocational skill, employment record, family ties and responsibilities, community ties, [and] likihood [sic] of more criminal activity."

Conyers goes on to say, "Defendant ask [sic] that this court modify her sentence using the United States sentencing guidelines as deem [sic] appropriate by Booker v. U.S., Kimbrough v. U.S. and Gall v. U.S., as well as the issue of pretrial credit."

Conyers is currently serving her 37 month sentence at Alderson after admitting to accepting a bribe to vote in favor of the Synagro sludge contract.

At her sentencing, Conyers tried to withdraw her guilty plea. She later claimed she was pressured by her attorney and the media.
The judge would not allow her to do that because she had accepted a plea agreement, and he sentenced her to 37 months in prison.
Conyers is still trying to withdraw her guilty plea – with an appeal that's making its way through the courts.





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