Mother to file lawsuit against Charles Pugh after alleged inappropriate relationship with her son

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Attorneys for a local mother who claims Charles Pugh had inappropriate contact with her teenage son plan to file a civil lawsuit against the City Council president on Monday.

The woman's lawyers say the lawsuit will also be filed against the City of Detroit, Detroit Public School District and Frederick Douglass Academy.

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh's bizarre and sudden absence from city government coincides with questions raised about gifts and cash given by Pugh the woman's son, a young man he mentors.  The concerns were first reported by 7 Action News.

Pugh gave the 18-year-old student more than $200 in cash , including money to pay for a prom night hotel and about $150 in dress clothes. He also purchased a cell phone for about $150 and paid for the cost of activation, according to the young man's mother, who did not want her son to have a phone.

7 Action News recently spoke with the woman but we are not naming her or her son.

The mom told us in a lengthy interview that she is troubled because the money and presents were kept secret from her.

Pugh came into contact with the young man through the Charles Pugh Leadership Forum, which he runs out of Douglass Academy in Detroit, an all-male high school. He did not deny providing the gifts and cash.  

Attorneys for the mom say the mom asked Pugh to stop having contact with her son. After that, they allege that Pugh began harassing her with multiple phone calls and messages.

The lawyers also say they have a stack of text messages between Pugh and the young man. They say when the mom first saw them, she thought her son was exchanging messages with a teenage girl.

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