Motion filed to sue Charles Pugh and city of Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - More trouble for former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh and the City of Detroit. 

Pugh left Detroit last year after allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a teen he was mentoring. 

The evidence shows Pugh tied to get the boy to pose naked on camera.  Pugh gave him a cell phone, cash and clothes. 

7 Action News Investigator Ross Jones caught up with Pugh this week. He's living in New York and working as a waiter in a restaurant. 

He still is not answering about the scandal that drove him to leave town last year.

An attorney for the teen, William Seikaly plans to sue Pugh, the City and Detroit Public Schools but has been blocked with Detroit's bankruptcy.  

The city attorney had said they would allow the suit, but this week changed their minds. 

Seikaly filed a motion with Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes to lift the stay. Seikaly will seek $1 million in damages. The suit can also force Pugh to finally come back to detroit and explain his actions.

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