Neighbors catch man dumping in Detroit and post his picture on social media

(WXYZ) - Residents of one Detroit neighborhood are so fed up with illegal dumping, they've started snapping pictures of people in the act.

Recently neighbors spotted a guy driving a pickup truck, filled with tree debris, in the area of Pilgrim and Illiad Street. 

They say a few minutes later, they watched as he dumped the debris at a corner lot.  They were able to take pictures and get his license plate number and they posted the information on social media sites.

"We want this to be a neighborhood the kind our kids deserve to grow up in." said Ann Wilson.  "You wouldn't this stuff in your neighborhood.  You wouldn't dump it in Garden City, you wouldn't dump it in Redford and you wouldn't dump it in Bloomfield Hills."

Action News was able to track down the man in the picture at his home in Garden City.  We tried talking with Steven Franks about the illegal dumping. 

At first, he refused to answer our questions, but later said he put the load of tree debris on an existing pile of debris and was sorry.  He promised to return to Detroit to pick up the debris and properly haul it away.

To report illegal dumping in Detroit, call the Ombudsman at 313.224.6000.

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