Detroit neighbors fear return of rats and roaches

(WXYZ) - Neighbors moved out of a northwest Detroit home and left their trash behind, that's when the roaches and rats moved in. 

Months later, the debris pile is still there and residents are worried with the warmer weather, the critters will return.

Bernice Richardson's view isn't so pleasant. 

"You can see it from my window, from my backyard.  You can't miss it and I'm sick of looking at it." said Richardson.

Bernice isn't one to just complain, she's tried called the City of Detroit for help.  "I've called everybody possible and always get the runaround." said Richardson.

According to the Wayne County Treasurer's Office, the home is in foreclosure and is scheduled to go up for auction.

After our calls to city hall, Mayor Duggan's office sent out an inspector.  But, it's not the first time someone has been out here.

A spokesperson for the mayor's office tells Action News they are still working to gather information regarding the property. 

The city can't remove debris from private property.  The city has since declared the house a dangerous building and it should be approved for demolition by city council in June.  We were also told the city will make the effort to get the property cleaned up. 

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