Neighbors record Detroit city workers dumping trash in lot

(WXYZ) - Video of Detroit city workers dumping trash in a lot is spreading through cyber space and sparking outrage. 

But, before you pass judgment, city officials say there is a perfectly good explanation.

Michael Taylor was in the area of Leonard and Annabelle in Southwest Detroit Monday night.  He is one of the people who recorded the workers. 

"I was riding in my vehicle, came around and seen the garbage truck, I was like what's going on." said Taylor.  "I see them back up, release trash in the community."

City officials say the video doesn't tell the entire story and released the following statement:

The incident in the online videos that show a city truck dumping trash on a vacant lot happened Monday night just before 7PM on Leonard Street near Annabelle and Pleasant.  We have verified that the compactor on the back of the truck had malfunctioned and got stuck open, causing trash to fall on the street as the truck drove along.  The supervisor in the video directed the driver to a nearby lot to dump the portion of the trash that was stuck in the compactor in one spot, rather than leave a trail of trash along its route.  Another city crew came back an hour later to remove the trash, which we also have verified.   At this point, we are satisfied that the employees in the video did the proper thing, given the circumstances.
--Ron Brundidge
  DPW Director


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