Neighbors say squatters have moved into a Detroit home and they want them out

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Neighbors in one Detroit neighborhood say squatters have moved in, and they want them gone.

People living on Hillcrest Street on Detroit's east side take care of their properties.  It's a quiet community and they want it to stay that way. 

That's why, when a group of people moved into a foreclosed home, they started asking questions.

"We called the mortgage company, Chase Bank. They confirmed the house is in foreclosure and it's not leased," said a neighbor we are calling John.

7 Action News stopped by the house.  After several request, a person claiming to be a cousin agreed to show us the lease.

But, when we started making calls, things didn't add up. 

When we called the number listed on the lease, the person knew nothing about the rental property.

We checked with Chase Bank and they confirm they do not list the rental company listed on the lease and say the home should be vacant. 

The bank employee tells 7 Action News they plan to follow up and, if people are living in the house illegally, they will go through the courts to have them evicted.

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