Neighbors worry about burned out apartment building that's listed for sale

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Weeks after a small apartment building on Detroit's west side was gutted by a fire, neighbors say nothing has been done with the charred debris.

Neighbors are worried if the rest of the structure isn't torn down, someone will get hurt.

"It's bad for the kids." says Erica Riley. "Anything can go wrong, they should tear it down."

7 Action News worked to track down the owner. We discovered the property is listed for sale - asking price, just $5,900.00. 

We checked with the real estate listing property and an employee says they only list the property.

A check with the Wayne County Treasurer's office listed the owner as Global Premier Asset Servicing. The company bought the property in an auction. While they were quick to list it for sale, they have not paid any taxes, which is required. 

Now, the property is in the process of being reverted back to Wayne County. 

We have reached out to Mayor Duggan's office to see if the building's condition would be considered an emergency demo. We are still waiting to hear back.

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