New book claims Jimmy Hoffa was buried under the Renaissance Center

(WXYZ) - A new book about his driver claims that Jimmy Hoffa was killed and buried under the Renaissance Center when he disappeared in 1975.

According to a story in Sunday's New York Post, the book "The Weasel: A Double Life in the Mob" by Adrian Humphreys quotes Hoffa's driver Marvin Elkind as saying he was told Hoffa was buried under the Ren Cen by  Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone.

Giacalone was a reputed Detroit mobster who has long been linked to Hoffa's disappearance from the Machus Red Fox restaurant in July 1975. At the time the Renaissance Center was under construction along the Detroit River.

The New York Post report quotes Elkind as saying that Giacalone revealed Hoffa's location during a Teamsters conference in 1985. He says that Giacalone and a group of people were walking from the Omni International Hotel when, as the Ren Cen game into view, Giacalone said "Say good morning to Jimmy Hoffa, boys."

Elkind also said that he had heard from other Detroit mobsters that after Hoffa disappeared there was a "mad rush" to get the concrete poured for the foundation of what would one day become GM's World Headquarters.

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