Nonprofit works to put streetlights in southwest Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Pamela Everts is one of many who does not like to shop at night along Vernor in southwest Detroit.

"You walk down the street at night and you have to have somebody with you because it's kind of scary out here,"  said Everts.

There are 17 schools in the area and many children walk home of along the road.   Several residents told 7 Action News, when it gets dark they stay in their homes.

The Southwest Detroit Business Association took matters in their own hands and raised $6.4 million dollars to put up new streetlights in an area filled with business to make the area safer.

They spent the past five years working with MDOT and the city to come up with the Greenway Project.

This phase will put more streetlights along a stretch of nearly two and half miles of Vernor. 

The hope is to help residents who want to shop in local businesses at night and to help keep the crime down.

The business association is still fundraising for another $400,000 which is needed.

Bassam Swaydan who owns BBW Sportswear along Vernor told 7 Action News he would keep his store open longer if that were to happen.

"If there was an opportunity to stay open longer, yes of course," said Swaydan.

 Southwest Detroit Business Association hopes to start construction of the project in November 2013. 

They will begin underground work in early spring of 2014 and have it completed at the end of that year.

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