Occupy Detroit protest Bank of America over foreclosures

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Three hundred protesters took part in a noisy but peaceful demonstration Friday organized by Occupy Detroit.

It was the latest in a series of demonstrations held in downtown Detroit and linked to similar protests on Wall Street.

The target was the Bank of America branch located in the Guardian Building. For one hour they was marched and chanted.

"Hey, hey, hey B-O-A, how many houses have you taken today" was one slogan denouncing foreclosures.

Dozens of UAW members joined the ranks.

Maida Rosenstein said "our people are losing their jobs and their homes and can't send their kids to college. And workers who are not unionized are even worse off."

The demonstration was a curiosity for out of town visitors, drivers and people on their lunch break. Organizers encouraged them to get involved even if they don't march.

"Stop giving banks your business like many of us have," said Ross Harris. He suggests withdrawing money from the banks and joining a credit union.

A small number of the protesters are in it for the long haul so they are also occupying space at Grand Circus Park. Their make-shift tent city has become a refuge for many of Detroit's homeless and that's just fine with organizers like Jessica Doll.

"They were occupying this park before we came," she says. "We're happy to give them food, shelter and medical care. They are part of the ninety-nine percent of us. We are all a part of this community."

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