Police Chief speaks about incident where off duty officer's gun went off killing woman

DETROIT (WXYZ) - During a news conference held Monday, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee discussed the tragic death of a young woman who was killed when an off-duty officer's gun discharged.

"I offer our sincerest condolences for, by what all apparent preliminary investigation indicates, is a very tragic, unfortunate incident, but nothing intended at all," Godbee said.

The Chief told reporters that off-duty officer Issac Parrish and Adaisha Miller were dancing at a Fish Fry at a private residence when the gun went off and killed her Sunday morning.

"There will be a complete and thorough investigation by Internal Affairs," Godbee promised.

According to Chief Godbee, preliminary findings indicate that the officer Parrish did not have his hand on his gun at the time of the incident.

"By all indications, from the preliminary investigation. There is absolutely no indication, number 1, that the officer placed his hand on his gun at all," Godbee said.

The officer is on administrative restrictive duty while a complete and thorough investigation is conducted.

According to the Chief, the gun accidentally went off in the holster that was attached to the off-duty officer's waist. He explained that somehow the trigger on the weapon must have been engaged.

According to an earlier statement released by DPD the young woman, Adaisha Miller, "embraced the officer from behind causing the holstered weapon to discharge."

But the young woman's mother, Yolanda McNair, tells Action News she's not sure she's getting the whole truth about what happened.

"My daughter didn't deserve this. Why did he have the gun at the party? How does a holstered gun go off?"

Adaisha's birthday is Monday.

"All my daughter did was try to enjoy her 25th birthday. Now instead of planning her 25th birthday party I have to plan her funeral," McNair said.

The unidentified officer involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave.

"Internal Affairs is conducting an investigation and preliminary evidence, after speaking to witnesses, indicated that this was an accidental discharge. The investigators report will presented to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office for review," the DPD release said.

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