Officer surprised by house intruder

DETROIT (WXYZ) - An off-duty police officer and his wife came home and surprised an intruder.

Police say at least one, possibly two men tried to rob the home of an off-duty Highland Park Police Officer at his Detroit home, around 5:15 p.m. Saturday.

When the officer and his wife came home and found one of the men in their home, the officer fired his gun six times.

"I heard three gunshots at first like, pow, pow, pow," said Tanisha Keys. Keys was cooking dinner when she heard five of the six shots fired on Cliff street where she lives.

"And then I ducked, and was like, hold on. And I heard two more like, pow, pow," said Keys.

"It was like three or four, and then I heard five, about five more," said Verietta McNeal. McNeal lives two streets over on Spencer. As she tried to figure out where the shots came from, two men walked past her home. She said one of the men was bleeding.

"Him, and another young guy came down the street. The other guy took off running down the middle of the street," said McNeal.
It's believed the two men may have been the ones who had broken into the home of the officer.

"The guy two doors down came up and asked him what happened. He said he had been shot. He told him to sit on the porch and he called EMS," said McNeal.

Two males, 17-years-old and 23-years-old were taken to the hospital in temporary serious condition. The pair told police they were walking down the street when they felt pain.

"After the EMS came you could see in the back," said McNeal.

She says blood was running down their back of his shirt.

"Yeah, on the shirt, he had a white t-shirt," said McNeal.

The off-duty cop and his wife were not hurt in the shooting. At this time it does not appear the men who were trespassing had fired any weapons. Police also cannot say for certain the two men who had been taken to the hospital were the same intruders.

The off-duty police officer and his wife were not hurt in the shooting.

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