Officials urge Detroiters to ring in the new year with the tinkle of a bell not the bang a bullet

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit clergymen and law enforcement called on the public to put down their guns and ring in the new year with a bell instead.

Historically, gunfire rings out in Detroit as residents celebrate the new year. Police Chief James Craig said it had become so prevalent that at one point, officers would disappear from the streets for their safety.

This year, he promises to arrest anyone who fires a celebratory shot.

The city's clergymen, however, hope it won't come to that. During a press conference held at the Plymouth United Church of Christ, they kicked off the 18th annual "Ring In The New Year With A Bell, Not A Bang" campaign.

"I think we are making improvements," said Pastor Nicholas Hood III, who launched the initiative. "But just when I get ready to say, 'Let's stop this,' then somebody tells me, 'Nick, it was like a war zone in my area.'"

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