Old Sanders Candy plant still burning Sunday in Highland Park

Fire crews have contained the fire

(WXYZ -Highland Park) - The old Sanders Candy plant in Highland Park caught fire early Saturday morning, and is still burning.

Firefighters from Hamtramck, Highland Park, Berkley, and Detroit worked together to fight the fire from the outside and contain it.  The building is 100,000 square feet.  Wood palettes, carpeting, and bails of insulation are keeping the fire going.    

People who lived as far away as Pontiac could see the billowing smoke in the sky.  Many followed the smoke and were surprised at the distance they traveled.  The plant produced everything under the Sanders brand until it was sold.   Sanders now has retail stores around metro Detroit.

"This is a vacant structure, so it has a lot of products that we don't even know are inside," said Fire Chief Derek Hillman.  "We are just doing the best we can with the manpower we have," he said.

 The Chief said the owners came by and said they have been using the building as storage but were in the process of moving everything out. 

Arson investigators are on the scene investigating the cause.  It will be about 2 weeks before that is determined. 

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