Police launch Operation Spring Thaw

(WXYZ) DETROIT - Late Thursday morning at Detroit Police Department's 9th precinct, Operation Spring Thaw got underway.

Detroit police officers, along with U.S. Border Patrol agents, Michigan State Police troopers and deputies with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department were geared up and ready to go.

Following the briefing, they hit the streets.  From Gratiot to Connor to 8 Mile and points in between.  Drivers are pulled over, questioned and ticketed when needed.

"What we want to do is get those motorists who should not be on the road off our street." said DPD Captain Charles Mahone. 

This operation is about saving lives.  So far this year, there have been 10 pedestrian related traffic fatalities in Detroit.

"A lot of cases we find when there is a hit and run, the motorist has a suspended license." said Capt. Mahone.

Earlier this week, another operation targeting drivers resulted in 122 tickets being issued.

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